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Australian born bass player and composer Lucy Clifford has found her place within many music contexts by way of carrying her signature interest wholeheartedly; that being the strength of her relationship with groove. In her own works, she presents her music in a five-piece setting, with a collective of her closest musical companions. 

Although rooted in jazz expression, the sounds of the group push and pull through the various influences and styles of this internationally based ensemble, spanning from several corners of the globe, with Ecuador, Panama, Switzerland, the USA and Australia as a united  backdrop. 

Currently based in New York City and performing regularly to their NYC based audience, the members of this group have enjoyed many success's, performing at international festivals including The Martinique Jazz Festival, Sydney International Women's Jazz Festival, Accra Jazz festival, Panama Jazz festival and are working towards a 2021 album release. The band features Anggie Obin (Flute, Panama), Julian Velasco (Vibraphone, Ecuador) Evan Waaramaa (Keys, USA) and Jessie Cox (Drums, Switzerland).  
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